T u r n k e y   s i t e
D e v e l o p m e n t
- is the creation of an online manager whose task is to work for the result

Studio Provide Site

Building a marketing strategy

Planning website usability

Development of a unique web design

Adaptive layout and cross-browser compatibility

providing assistance in choosing CMS

Filling with unique seo content

SEO site promotion in TOP

Providing continuous website maintenance

A turnkey site - it is an internet manager, the aim of which to achieve result.

We understand that the main assessment of any work is a result. We create a turnkey site with a positive conversion from the first month of its launch.

There are main mistakes of web-masters, which turn into client’s problems after the Wow – effect will have gone.

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Have you any doubts that out site may perform better than the staff of the managers?

We claim that it can! Before creating of the studio, we have come a long way in providing services for developing business, we have involved a distant sales department on outsourcing… Properly developed site was functioning more effectively, the business reached a new level in proportion to the increase of conversion of site.

Here is a real story.

Increase clients’ traffic

The designing of a turnkey site is comparable with selection of a manager.

Every entrepreneur is willing to find effective manager. During the creation of the turnkey site, we focus on the main indicator of its effectiveness – the increase of conversion.

Every employer, while seeking for a candidate to the position of a manager, understands what tasks must be carried out by a future employee. Of course, everyone wants to find an effective executive, who will work to gain success, as well as the internet manager of the turnkey site, it means to deal with the tasks, which are set up by a developer.

Do you have a vacancy for internet - managers? You should trust their development to the fanatics of their business… We will endow them with charisma, commitment and efficiency, we will teach them and make unique within their niche and they will pay you back in full invested money, attracting a lot of clients. So, this is how we see your internet – managers, created by our team, a turnkey website – this is growing conversion of visitors from the web-project of our client.

If your website already exists and there are no clients, who is to blame? The developer? You? Your internet competitor? Don’t blame anybody, if you value your time and nerves, you should address to our “Studio Provide Site”, describe the problem and will try to help.

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In 2015, two perfectionists – a marketer and a programmer – founded a project Provide Site.

The main motivation of the team is not just an income, but possibility to go beyond the borders of the best, create unique and complicated sites, which work to achieve result. Life has taught us simple truth, when the results of work excel expectations, money will come itself…
To achieve more than maximum needed along with the team of professionals, each of them is able to determine the field of work on molecular level, and therefore, to create from primeval. Then, a masterpiece will be created from numerous, taken to ideal components, looking at which, all participants come to admiration. Out team members are ideological fanatics of web-industry, we develop not just sites, but individual web-managers, which have charisma, knowledge and are easy-going at communication.

For achieving strategic goal of global recognition, we need to provide quality of premium-class, for the cost, that is a little lower that the market price in this segment and to be flexible in the market. Using innovative web-technologies and involving qualified specialists gives an opportunity to develop complicated and exclusive projects, which can withstand big pressure. We practice gradual payment for the service according to the agreement, time to time we may turn to the guarantee service for making deals of buying and selling. Please, contact with, we will definitely make deal with you!

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